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    I'm flying down to Texas on July 1st to visit family. I'm so glad I have been saving up my money, because that day i'm heading to the nearest wal-mart and picking me up one. First in Canada! haha. I can pick up one for someone if you are from Edmonton!
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    better buy it there
    mobile syrup reported prices to be $20 higher.
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    Looks like I'll be buying it from Canada, as shipping and cross border fees from the US would make the price higher than it would be from buying in Canada...
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    delete, wrong thread.
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    Canada. TouchPad availability July 15th

    According to a tweet made by HP PC the TouchPad will be available in Canada in July 15th.

    HP PC Linked to the HP Canada pre-order website:

    HP TouchPad | Laptop TouchPad - TouchPad Computer
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    I'll probably just fly down to the nearest State that'll have it bright and early Canada Day and buy one then hop on the plane back. Should be back in Calgary by noon. Got tons of air miles saved up.

    I suppose it compares to standing in line in front of an Apple store.

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