View Poll Results: What's the highest price at which you'd DEFINITELY buy a touchpad?

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  • $700+

    7 3.63%
  • $650

    2 1.04%
  • $600

    20 10.36%
  • $550

    16 8.29%
  • $500

    54 27.98%
  • $450

    12 6.22%
  • $400

    36 18.65%
  • $350

    17 8.81%
  • $300

    24 12.44%
  • Nothing would make me buy it

    5 2.59%
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    What's the highest price at which you'd DEFINITELY buy a touchpad (Wi-Fi only)?
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    You have to be honest..

    I for one am 6m to 1 year behind release dates so i can save money. Might change with Pre3. damn that looks good
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    I don't see the TouchPad replacing my iPad 2 but I may pick one up just to play around with; with that being said, no more than $350 since I don't intend on using it as my primary, if I was I could maybe justify $500.
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    $349 wifi only
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    I said $650. I'd be willing to shell the money out for it, but I wouldn't be happy about that price. Not for a 1st gen device. I'm hoping to get the cheapest wifi only one I can.
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    Depends on which capacity, I'd say anything upto the same price as an iPad, preferably a bit less.
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    free. I still have no use to a tablet.
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    I'd have to say $200 or less. Like someone else said, I, too, stay behind the release dates to save some cash. It's worth waiting for the price to drop, IMO. I'm more likely to buy a used one than pay a higher price for a new one. (In fact, now that I think of it, I've never paid for a new Palm device. They were either given to me or free on contract. Otherwise, I just got used ones off craigslist or ebay.)

    If the Pre3 were on Verizon's LTE, though... That might be a different story.
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    You said DEFINITELY, so I said $300.
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    I said $400 BUT

    If I got a free Pre3 with my $500 purchase of TP on sprint for "HP's making it right" then I would def. buy at $500
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    $349 wifi only
    Same here

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    I'll pay the exact same price for the TouchPad that Apple charges for the same capacity iPad.

    I hope they release a damn phone on Sprint so I can read the forums without having some crying Sprint users mucking up every single damn thread.
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    500 tops, but hope it's 400.

    Oh, almost forgot... Sprint! (sorry, couldn't resist )
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    I would be willing to match Apple's prices for their wifi only & 3g models. Definitely not more though.
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    $500 is a requirement to make a TouchPad. The question is: Will HP shoot for what is expected of them, or will they go above and beyond duty? That is what will decide if HP is successful. I think the problem with them right now is, as they are trying to catch up, they have the requirements in their sights. To be the victor, you can't do that. You have to set the bar for everyone else like Apple is doing. Be a whole cyle ahead of everyone.
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    200 definite
    200-300 maybe
    >300, no way

    I don't mind if hp give me a 100 discount as a loyal pre user, in order to reach the price point.
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    That is one unusual graph. I was expecting a more bell-like curve. webOS fans: bucking the trend.
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    If I see a 32GB for 500 I will get it, otherwise I will probably wait to see what the 7inch version looks like
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    The people who think it will be $300 are delusional... that's not possible for a piece of hardware like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    The people who think it will be $300 are delusional... that's not possible for a piece of hardware like that.
    I don't think many people think it's gonna be that.

    I votted 350 myself, but i don't see it happening. I'd bet on 500/499, but the question was "what's the highest price at which you'd definitely buy a touchpad". that's why I voted 350, because I don't really need a tablet, but at 350 i'd be worth it.

    While I think they'll price at 500, I don't think they'll sell much since it doesn't compete with the iPad 2 in terms of speed, apps, hardware, name recognition, etc... Anyways, that's another debate for another thread.
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