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    I searched to see if there were any in the NYC area, I found one posting in NJ, and it's dated from 4/20/11. So it seems like they have been planning this for a while & want to make a big splash for the TouchPad. I truly am excited, the TouchPad's launch will only be rivaled by the iPad launches.

    Here's the link to the Jersey job posting:

    P/T Product Demonstrator, Hewlett-Packard
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    Honestly hp should hire employees in a variety of areas. Take my location for example. No one here knows what pre, or webos even is. And they won't with no push or too much focus on Android. I still dont even understand what makes Android so big? Is it just that its become so big its haring the its a droid type marketing Apple enjoys? Not to bash Android just they push it over everything at best buy. And people talk about it everywhere now when a year ago it was iPhone this and that. Anyway I would truly love to have a touchpad to go around and show off. People ask me all the time about my ipad, id like to do that for hp, I did it for the pre and got three family members and my best friend on webos. Sadly all have left due to no new hardware when their phones died. I think us of all people would make great hires in all areas. Have us open a both in best buy, and demo the unit. Have us bring that unit around and show it off to friends, coworkers, family and passerbuyers. Truly that would be great. I'd love to be paid to do something for webos especially since I haven't made my apps yet which im finding to be harder then I thought lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by VCI_Cell View Post
    Wish one of these opportunities would pop up in Boston ...
    I'm hoping for the same thing ....
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