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    I remember some leaked photos a couple months ago of the Touchpad from Vietnam. Well I happen to be in Hanoi the next few days with a lot of free time. If anyone knows where to look, I am perfectly happy trying to track down some poor worker that takes bribes
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    Both HP and Apple use the same Taiwanese ODM to manufacture their tablets; Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd AKA Foxconn Electronics.
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    Hmmm. So any idea why those leaked photos originated in vietnam, of all places, before?
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    No clue... but HP did partner with Foxconn a couple of years back to build a couple new manufacturing plants in different countries. Perhaps S Vietnam was one?
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    I've researched that the TouchPad is manufactured in Taiwan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomaszmark View Post
    I've researched that the TouchPad is manufactured in Taiwan.
    Very possible... everything I find says Foxconn-China.
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    Quanta from taiwan is also one of them, who also manufactures notebooks for HP.

    However there are a diversity of components makers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan that supplies HP.

    All these components arrives to one, two or three assemblers in Taiwan, who join all of them together.

    I think there is also one manufacturer of the USA for the TouchPanel: Cypress.
    Image captured from theTouchPad with SIM card slot leaked video from Taiwan.



    Cypress TouchPanel Video:
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