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    I was trying to find out if there would be an option to receive GPS on a WiFi only TP. With the implementation of text and call forwarding though Bluetooth, is it possible for your handset to forward location services to a WiFi only Touchpad though Bluetooth or TTS?
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    No need. You can actually do GPS via google services and wifi, and it's very accurate.
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    The OP seems to be very worried about the TouchPad today. It's going to be a very good product.

    I think you will find the TP to be a great product, as long as HP can get the important apps delivered so we aren't constantly left out when sitting in a seminar and the speaker uses an iPhone or Android app as a key part of whatever he is teaching...
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    To be clear, neither Google Location nor WiFi-based tracking is true GPS; accuracy is lower, there's no speed or altitude info, and one may need a network connection and to share info with Google. {Jonathan}
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    I think his point is that the maps load via wifi, and the gps is given a "hint" from wifi location to make the GPS radio quick and accurate. When I had my Pre2 as wifi only before activating it, I was really impressed with the speed and accuracy of the gps.

    In one test, I had it tethered to my Pre+ for internet access while driving and used it next to my Garmin GPS. The Pre2 held it's own well. The only flaw is that it appears that the GPS radio sleeps when the screen goes off. I used Quick System Tasks to keep the screen always on, and then the Pre2 with only GPS and Wifi was every bit as good as my Garmin.

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