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    The guy goes on to say he prefers the feel of the touchpad.

    I personally dont care about the weight too much, but do prefer a slimmer device. I hope the Touchpad does not have that weird rounded back that the iPad 1 did.

    Cant wait until next month to get my hands on one of these and try them out. Hopefully the apps follow and it will solidify my purchase.

    Here is another newer video of the touchpad:

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    I'm the opposite. I care about weight more than I do about slimness, especially in a tablet.

    But it's nice to hear that the grip and feel of the tablet is better. And hopefully that "not charged" issue isn't because the device has poor battery life!
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    Both of these were posted a while ago...

    It would always be great to have a lighter and slimmer device, but anything will be nicer than lugging around a laptop.
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    Personally I like metal over plastic, thus iPad over Touchpad. Though the iPad casing is aluminum that's kind of soft and dents easily. I still miss the magnesium metal cases back in the days of the Sony Clie NX series and Palm Vx.

    As for form factor wise, I don't know about the Touchpad since it's not out yet; but I would prefer a device of the thickness of the iPad 1 but the weight of the iPad 2. Then it would hold better in the hands.

    What worries me the most about the Touchpad is the magazine applications the are only available on iOS. The applications I use the most on the iPad: the Economist, Zinio, PLoS reader, Nature reader... are all non-existent on webOS. I hope HP can fix that, then I could have a good excuse to sell my iPad and switch

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