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    when the Pre2 is on the same version of WebOS as the Toruchpad, will TTS work? Will he Pre2 be on the same version of WebOS?

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    From my understanding the Pre3 and Veer have an additional communication coil (part of the Touchstone technology) which will allow the TTS and the Pre2 does not have this additional coil, so TTS will not work on the Pre2.

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    We know that the "TTS Coil" isn't present in the Pre2. Basically it's just a magnetic sensor that can tell when it taps a corresponding sensor on the TouchPad, which causes it to wake up a radio and "pair" the devices.

    I believe that the TTS capability will still be there, but that it won't be initiated by bumping the phones. My thinking is that it will work like Exhibition. If you are on a Touchstone, the Exhibition feature works automatically. If you are charging through a USB cable, you simply start the Exhibition app from the launcher, and then everything works the same.

    My hunch is that we will see something similar on the Pre2, whereas phones with the TTS circuit will be able to operate in a more automatic fashion.
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    curious...after the pre3 and the veer are launched will the pre2 become the new "legacy device"? will it be left behind like the pre- was because the hardware just is not compatible.
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    I hope that HP decides to update the Pre 2 with TTS. This would give people options for S,M,L palm phones. I'm sure there are people out there that think the Veer is to small and the Pre 3 to large. Just my thought.

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