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    I dimly remember some chatter about how the TouchPad dock itself may be able to provide connectivity features that the pad itself doesn't have.

    Been reading folks' posts irritated that there's no "video-out" on the device, but wasn't there some early buzz about watching something on your TouchPad, then docking it to continue watching on your TV? Or was that just speculation on these forums?

    HDMI might be too much heavy-lifting for a BT or WIFI connection, but what about streaming to a Touchstone when docked?

    It seems obvious to me that H/Palm wants you to use a Touchstone - it's how you can best create a laptop experience with the keyboard, and you don't want to be doing anything processor-intensive on batteries alone. And right there, you've got an incentive to buy two additional accessories!

    Someone please tell me I wasn't imagining that perk of the Touchpad charging dock..
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    it really depends on the bandwidth for their touch to share feature. im crossing but my fingers for it but i really dont bealieve it will happen
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    I think Touch-to-Share needs a dedicated chip, though.

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