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    I am really curious if we'll see more media formats supported. I'd really like to be able to play divx, xvid, etc, without having to jump through loop holes. If its not in the standard video player, then perhaps we'll see it in a secondary one.

    What I ideally want to see is either VLC or mplayer on the device. BOTH are cross platform/open source players. VLC in particular is really amazing and been release on the iphone app market only to get pulled by apple(a great reason why I will never buy an apple product.).

    Anyways I want to know what your thoughts are on this. If the touchpad doesn't natively support these video formats, I really hope the homebrew community steps up and delivers us an amazing video player like they did with the awesome music player.

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    honestly I'm just hoping for VLC, I have little hope of the official video app or music app supporting anything other than the basic mpeg format it currently supports
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    Didn't vlc get ported already? So would be easy to make a touchpad player
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    h.264 is thw future. Doubtful apple or palm will want anything else.
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    h.264 is already obsolete.

    HP wont natively support xvid and divx etc. as long as they want o court VOD providers.

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    Yeah I figured it wouldn't get native support. I really hope we see VLC or some sort of decent player.


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