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    I'm new to WebOS infact I have never used one but I want to get the TouchPad and start developing apps since I have html,css,javascript knowledge but I heard gesture are was cancelled in touchpad so what the hell is it?
    So many people were irked by it I can't help bit wonder what is the so called Gesture area?
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    its the area just below the LCD on the phone where you swipe back and forth. It may not be physically present on the Touchpad frame, but that doesn't prevent supporting the swiping gestures elsewhere on the touchpad LCD.
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    On the pres it is the blank and black area just below the screen...on the original Pre, there is a small bump or ball that is a contrasting white color in the middle of the gesture area. On the Plus variety of the Pres, the area is flat, although there is a hidden bar where the ball would normally be that lights up to indicate certain things.

    On the Pixi, it is the blank area between the screen and the keyboard.

    Either way, this area receives input by tapping and or sliding your finger in certain gestures to accomplish certain actions like, backing out of a menu choice, moving to the next or previous application (card), meta-tapping.

    I know, I just opened up a set of new let the fun begin! Most of us find the gesture area an integral part of the webOS experience, so it was at the least 'puzzling' and for some 'maddening' when it seemed that the TouchPad wouldn't have a gesture area.
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    Hi see_wor,

    Here is the detailed information from Palm explaining what 'Gestures' are all about (with examples).

    Palm Support : Using gestures on a Pre
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    Palm has nice video showing use of gestures (several versions here is one: Palm Support : Palm Pre Plus for AT&T - Using gestures on a Pre Plus) as does PreCentral (Palm Pre Review | You can also check out Youtube.
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    Does anyone really think HP/Palm won't bring back gestures on the touchpad?

    I heard rumor a while ago about a small gesture area being added to the bottom edge via software. I guess anything is possible or at least I'm hopeful. Sorli...

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