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    I think this is just asking for bad jokes.

    Maybe "HPT" (HP Touchpad) or something else could catch on...
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    Da Pad (as in Da Bears)

    of course, if "I" hadn't already been taken, HP could have used
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    I've been wondering when the toilet paper jokes would start. Considering the immense humor from comparing another product to a feminine hygiene product, this one should go gangbusters.
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    I'm just very happy that they didn't get approved for the "PalmPad" name. I like this name much better!
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    versions will be:

    TP #1
    TP #2
    I see pandas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I'm just very happy that they didn't get approved for the "PalmPad" name. I like this name much better!
    me too
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    And the original Palm Pilot never got any jokes either.
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    Jokes we can take - even TP ones, although I'm over B&B.

    But(t) TP is not searcheable with it's two letter anagram, and that's unfortunate.
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    I don't get the purpose for abbreviating TouchPad. I've already typed it so much that it is muscle memory to type it in one quick, swift motion. Besides, you can't say that your going to go out and get a TP! btw thank for the clarification thread!
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    I don't think that TP will catch on as a toilet paper joke...I mean, without a gesture area, you can't even wipe...I mean swipe...
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    Honestly they could never out-do the iPad naming.
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    HP brought it on itself. TouchPad is a terrible name for what looks to be an exquisit product; not only is it TP (and even capitalized like that), it's also a generic name for the... well, touchpad on a laptop.

    I liked PalmPad better TBH, but if the authorities say you can't use a name because it's too close to one of your other trademarks (what the christ) that's that.
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    Could be much worse. HP Veer = HPV.
    I liked 'Topal' better, personally.
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    Actually, I read "TP" some place else and I was like: "***, what does that mean?!". I had to look it up...
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    I'm not worried, take a look at this clip of South Park's Season 15 opener...lmao...Revolutionary New Product (Season 15, Episode 1) - Video Clips - South Park Studios
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