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    First off, if this was already touched upon, I'm very sorry. I'm not one who hangs around in the forums, but I saw this and felt obliged to share.

    But if you go to Amazon's HP Touchpad page and watch the video provided at the top left, three fourths of the way in they show video chatting. In the guy's background there is a portrait of text saying

    Russian Hands
    Roman Fingers

    Extremely immature? Yes.
    Extremely funny? In my opinion.

    See for yourself;

    That is all.
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    I don't get it
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    it's not roaming
    it's roman
    maybe as in romania
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    lolz, good catch. Great to see immaturity is alive and well in a big corp.
    I see pandas.
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    Talk about an epic first post! And for someone that doesn't hang around the forums, the OP is clearly someone who doesn't miss the details when hanging around


    And can you post the link to the actual commercial? I don't see it on their website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alvaro_qc View Post
    I see. the veer offers itself to immature marketing as well. Especially with the 'small is the new big' campaign.. I hope HP takes advantage
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    Haha, thank you.

    @cantaffordit: Video URL
    It's about 3/4 of the way in?
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    It's the TouchPad video here:
    I see pandas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceAlbert View Post

    It's the TouchPad video here: TouchPad | Laptop TouchPad, TouchPad Computer
    The fact that this is in the official HP video reassures me that the HP corporate culture still encourages having a bit of fun and irreverence, and Palm has always been able to straddle the line between fun, consumer-oriented experiences and more serious corporate experience well.

    The little things say the most
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    that. is. hilarious.
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    Epic post. Nice find. Great job HP!
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    Haha, awesome!
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