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    No need to explain, two minutes of using the playbook and you have it, How long did it take to learn your Pre? Playbook is very easy, perfect size, great hardware, the best speakers bar none on any tablet, smooth, fast and yes that swipy goodness we all will miss on the Touchpad. It's a new product, ya have to give it a chance, even the Ipad had bugs and software issues at first launch. Software will come in time, all I know is, Hey H.P., when is sometime this summer? Playbooks here, not "sometime in the near future" I for one love the playbook, and it will only get better.
    every reviewer of the playbook said it was rushed to market so of course its out before the TP and they only did that so ppl wouldn't say hey this playbook looks like the TP.HP could bring out the TP but if they did that you will be complaining that its not worthy and every article will be saying it's not ready for the market.O that's what happen with the playbook.So you can keep wanting a product now and having flaws over a product that's not rushed and making sure its ready.
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    zdnet forgot to mention the TTS feature as a BIG difference of the Touchpad over the BB playbook ???
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