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    I was emailing my account representative for the Touchpad and I asked him what carrier the 3g version of the Touchpad would be with he told me they would know in May here's the e-mail.

    WE should have that information here in May and I will let you know what carrier the 3g version will be in.

    From: Brandon Taylor []
    Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 3:03 PM
    To: Anderson, Randolph
    Subject: Re: HP Touch Pad & Slate 500

    What carrier will the 3g version be with?

    Much Obliged
    Randolph Anderson
    SMB Account Representative
    Hewlett-Packard Small and Medium Business

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    Verizon is a good guess
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    I'm saying Sprint because that's who I want to get it, but I'm thinking AT&T or Verizon

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