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    Lan School is working with HP to develop their technology for webOS specifically the TouchPad. I spoke with a Lan School rep today that said HP contact them to get something started and that it is in the works.

    This is great for getting the TouchPad into schools. As far as I know the only other tablet that has Lan School support is the iPad. There are a lot of schools using iPads now it will be great to have another (better) option!

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    Interesting. Is this similar to Blackboard?

    Also, I see the GSA logo on there... Looks like the government has contracted them too. Could help some more with their reach
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    Not really. Lan School allows you to view and control other computers/tablets. For example: I could set up a 'classroom' and view all student screens or share what was on my screen to them.

    This is great for schools that implement 1:1 computing as we do. (currently MacBooks - looking at TouchPad!) I can view screens while students take on-line tests or share without the need for a projector.

    The share feature would also work well for corporate use I would think.
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    I'm the tech at 3 elementary schools in the area. I just convinced them all to get LanSchool on all of the labs. It has been great! And to have touchpad support for it would be better!
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    Hopefully some online school will pick this up and use it to teach webOS programming.
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    This is great for getting the TouchPad into schools

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