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    Was at a conference today discussing technology in schools and spoke with an HP rep? Of course I asked what the release date was for the TouchPad. (June was the answer - along with Veer )

    Unfortunately, my exact wording was 'Any news on the webOS devices? Do we know release dates?'

    The response from the HP rep was, 'well I got to see HP's iPad...' WTHeck!?!

    How can webOS win if HP call the TouchPad their 'iPad?'

    This guy was a salesman but he was at Think Beyond and has 'played with' the TouchPad!

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    Video or recording or it didn't happen!
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    i dont see the big deal unless once advertisment starts and HP blatently calls the touch pad HP's Ipad, or interviews from HP execs quotes that. Otherwise in reality any tablet that comes out, for now atleast to compete against the Ipad since it is the market leader, and originator to me is ok to just say such.
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    Am I correct in understanding that the big news here seems to be the Veer will be released in June and not in May as previously thought?

    If so, makes sense not to release it before the TouchPad goes out.
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    I can't believe anything you say because you are a hawkeye and everyone knows hawkeye fans are always less than credible! haha

    Go Clones!
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    Ugh, who let you in here?

    Vandenberg for Heisman! GO HAWKS!
    I see pandas.
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    This seems like a good thing. If people confuse it with an ipad easily thats probably a plus. No one confuses a galaxy tab / xoom / playbook for an ipad. At first glance webos is a much simpler cleaner interface than android. much closer to ios. Looks like ipad + does things the ipad cant is win win to me.
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    Maybe so.

    I just want to get a Tablet so I can carry it with me ALWAYS to show people how I get my geek on!

    Maybe I could get a murse strap affixed to the TP.?!?!
    I see pandas.
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    Here's the email I got from my HP rep.

    relevant names taken out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU_phoria View Post
    I can't believe anything you say because you are a hawkeye and everyone knows hawkeye fans are always less than credible! haha

    Go Clones!
    Uggg... Here we go!

    lupos does bring ups some good points. Being compared to the iPad is probably good. I think TouchPad wins in all respects but app numbers. However, I don't like HP reps calling it 'HP's iPad.'
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    Too much fuzz about nothing. It's not HP calling their tablet >iPad< but a single person you talked to. Salesmen still are just human and simple mistakes like messing up the names can happen, even to them, especially if dealt with such topic 24/7. As long as HP doesn't plaster the streets with HP iPad posters I'm fine but you are free to make up your opinion towards a company and its product on a single word-slip of a sales rep. You could have just asked him why he was calling it that way, too, you know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawk19 View Post
    Uggg... Here we go!

    What's a little rivalry
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    Add blitz hasn't happened yet, the sales rep probably assumes anybody he talks to won't know about the Touchpad. What's the quickest way to get somebody up to speed on what the device is all about? Call it HP's iPad.

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