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    I was watching the news and they did a little show on the new tablets and up and coming tablets like the new toshiba and the playbook. Not a mention on the touchpad it kinda ****ed me off, you guys think that hp needs to market it some more?
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    Because the TouchPad isn't up and coming. As far as we know it can theoretically be released in September. Yea, I know, at a conference Leo said June, but until you actually have a firm launch date I take that all as corporate talk.
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    bad until prooven good...
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    TouchPad will have its time. Let these sub-par tablets have it's shine cause when the TouchPad comes out, it'll get more then enough publicty.
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    Well the hardware hasn't reached the reviewers yet to make any +/- comments all we have know what HP has shown us.
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    Also, the tech bloggers world is an incestuous one. Like a group of dogs chasing a ball, they tend to echo each others comments. Or to appear to be fresh, a few will posit a totally contrarian take on any issue no matter how outrageous just to get attention.

    Search on any tech subject and equally "knowledgeable" people will post a list of reasons... and come to completely different conclusions.

    HP has not really given any reason impress the tech world yet in the area of smartphones and tablets. Once the product hits the stores - if it is good - you will see some positive press. Likewise, just like happens for RIM, iPhone, and even Android fans, there will be some people who will find a reason to be negative no matter what the strong points may be.

    Don't get mad, let it play out and I suspect you will feel better in the end.
    "Sometimes I feel like an OS-less child..."
    (with apologies to Billie Holiday )

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