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    I saw a couple of pictures of the calendar on touchpad. It looks like there have been no changes to it. Specifically when changing the date. I don't like the scrolling to select a date thing. Especially when you can't see the days of the week when selecting a new date (eg Mon, Tues, Wed). I never understood why Palm ditched the mini month preview which is used on almost every other OS and websites like Palm OS,, etc.

    I hope I'm wrong cause that could be a huge turnoff for me. I don't want to be forced to use another calendar app or google calendar which is what had to be done with my Sprint Pre.
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    Yeah, the scrolling to select a date thing is pretty stupid. It's some weak copying of iOS. Someone at Palm should sit down, take a look at Ubercalendar and do that. MetaView stuck a minimonth preview in there for date selection. So awesome.

    At least they added a weekview. Chances of it making it to phones........
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    Its still early to tell but I'm sure WebOS Developers like webos internals,and others could make a patch for it.Hopefully the to will have the openness like the pre had to make those patches.
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    I dont care how it looks, as long as it syncs my data and the reminders scare the crap outta me when its time.
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    I just hope that they add color coding back to appts. I do not want to carry multiple calendars.
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    primarily, we need invitations in the calendar. And it would be good to get outlook-categories.
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    plz implement Just Type search for calendar.

    It's ridiculous, every featurephone can search it's calendar. And we have a smartphone/tablet-OS with offline calendar data in the new special speedoptimized db-format (aka db8) and we still can't search in our calendar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    I dont care how it looks, as long as it syncs my data and the reminders scare the crap outta me when its time.
    agree! how about this for a cool feature? Not just a plain reminder, a motivational message to take action when the time is up. Like not just a reminder "time to hit the Gym", but something that says "you better go now fat ***..."
    pardon me if the language is a bit too harsh for forums. but sometimes i could use some extra push.. so i just dont end up seeing a bunch of red overdue to-dos.

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