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    How might they region restrict the TouchPad?

    Do you think they might do it via IP addressing?

    I often wonder about this with respect to the people who use a device like this, but who travel a lot, what if you have to reset your device when your on the road, and you can't restore it because it is region restricted via your current ip address?

    Is this why apple haven't headed down this route just yet?
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    To be honest I really really hope there is very little region restricting on the touchpad. I'm annoyed up here in Canada on Bell that I do not even have access to the full app catalog.
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    When I bypassed profile creation on my Pre2, then installed the patch to create profile after bypassed, my device did get branded to the US over wifi activation. It is very possible they can/are doing this by IP addressing.

    The thought of the Touchpad getting the same grief the Pre2s are getting with geo/carrier restrictions is giving me a headache so hoping by launch Richard is successful with freeing the app catalog with permastamping and open more markets.
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    Other than possible app catalog stuff, there aren't any restrictions expected. If they do restrict the catalog, it's based on where you activate it. SO if you activate it in the USA, it will give you access to the USA catalog from anywhere in the world. To your scenario, there is no concern unless you want to buy Italian apps when you travel to Italy, and Canadian apps when you travel to Canada, and then French apps when you are in France.

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