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The WebOS 3.0 leak, a closer look
Apr. 15, 2011 (3:55 pm) By: Russell Holly

The WebOS 3.0 leak, a closer look ‚Äď Cell Phones & Mobile Device Technology News & Updates | Geek.com

Itís been just about a year since news first broke that HP was to rescue Palm from the unfortunate result of their release of the Pre. WebOS, their innovative take on how smartphones should work, was not enough to save the sinking ship. HP stepped in at the 11th hour, with what seemed like dedication to conserve WebOS and help grow this mobile platform into a true competitor in a market where it seems nearly impossible to make something both new and successful.

Fast forward a year, and the market is simply bubbling to see what HP/Palm has up their sleeve, especially after the press preview of this yearís lineup of phones and, more importantly, tablets. Why more importantly? Unlike the handset market, there is still an untapped vein of potential users ready to experience something new. Weíre all eager for something new, and earlier this week a leak of the new WebOS Software Development Kitís emulator gave the world an up close and personal look at whatís to come from HP/Palm.