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    Not sure about you but the longer it goes without a release date the more I go back and forth about my decision to get one. Right now I'm leaning towardsnot getting the TP and just go forthe pre3. But then I remember there's a good chance pre3 won't be on sprint. HP needs at least some sneak peak advertising about the TP to keep me interested. As a sprint customer I feel like we've been getting the short end of the stick. I'm hearing pre fat won't get the 2.0 update which means notouch to share with TP and pre fat.
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    We're all getting the short end of the stick....not just Sprint customers
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    One more thing how are apple and android in the news everyday? Iphone 5 will be released this fall. Sony's providing 8mp camera. Random mention stuff to me like that. I don't getHP's strategy. Seems like there is zero excitment on the consumer (excluding precentral members) while developers are luke warm. They should at least take a page from the movie business. They'll release a teaser a year in advance. I get the impression they think that any promotions money spent should be on getting developers. I think this is the wrong approach. Focus on consumers and the apps will come.
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    They've given us tons of teasers. What you want are specific answers.
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    I don't know. I'm not renewing any of my phones because the Pre 3 and the TP should be available this summer. If they're not, I jump ship after my Sprint contract is up on my four lines. Because all four lines can be renewed this summer HP needs to have a new phone for me to jump to or I start testing other devices, before I choose cell phone companies.

    It'll be the first time I actually touch test and ask questions (comparison shopping in store) before purchase. I would have jumped on the iPad 2 if the information of them closing down outside sales for newspaper subscriptions and books hadn't hit the tech news.
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    My guess is the HP will push TPad and either Veer or Pre3 to any of their carriers. Part of the point of the TPad is that it is a halo device, which attracts people to buy other HP stuff. Also, some of the showy pairing functionality will only work with the Veer, Pre2, and Pre3 (i believe), so HP would be shooting themselves in the foot to release the TPad on a carrier without one of those phones as well.

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