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    Hi everyone,

    Here is a nice read about the TouchPad from JK on the Run.

    Take care of yourselves,


    Think HPís Tablet Has No Chance? Watch This!
    By Kevin C. Tofel Apr. 13, 2011, 7:21am PT

    Think HP’s Tablet Has No Chance? Watch This!: Mobile Technology News ę

    A beta emulator of HPís webOS 3.0 leaked, and enthusiasts wasted no time putting together an extensive video walk-through of the platform on a virtual tablet. While webOS is still a work in progress, nearly 19 minutes of feature demonstrations show a highly user-friendly and effective touch interface. Software is only part of the equation, of course; HP will have to entice developers to create applications for the TouchPad tablet, due out this summer.

    PreCentralís Derek Kessler provides the virtual tablet tour, and even the naysayers would have to admit that webOS 3.0 impresses. Much of the user interface has an Apple iOS look-and-feel, just as the original Palm Pre handset did, but there are noticeable differences and improvements. The webOS notification system allows for email triage, for example. A word auto-completion feature, similar to that on many smartphones, is available. In landscape view, the email client can show mail in full-screen mode or users can view both mail contents and folders with one swipe. And while itís not shown in this video demo, HPís webOS phones interact directly and wirelessly with the TouchPad via the Touchstone technology: touching the phone to the tablet, for example, can shoot a website address from one to another.

    My take on the video demo mirrors Omís thoughts from when he took an early look at HPís tablet efforts in February:

    In theory, it seems to be one of the best competitors for the Apple iPad (I think Googleís Android OS on tablets is a tad half-baked). By using its core multitasking features, HP has created an extremely integrated user experience that marries applications to actual usage behavior and workflows.

    Of course, a solid and fully-featured mobile device platform alone wonít sell tens of millions of TouchPads for HP. Outside he tablet pricing and hardware components Ė HP has already announced the specs and this shouldnít be an issue ó the TouchPadís biggest challenge to success will be the quality and amount of third-party software. Thatís still the big unknown. But if mobile app developers are impressed by the operating systemís early look, and HP can woo them with incentives, TouchPad sales might keep the forecasters honest. Recent estimates pegged HP with a paltry 3-percent market share for tablets by 2015.
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    Too bad the video got pulled.
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    Yes, I would certainly like to see it.
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    Being a Pre Plus user and a future BB Playbook user. I believe both HP and RIM will do very well in the tablet market. The future looks good for thoses who enjoy having a variety of choices. An iOS and Android world only would be a sad one.
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    Why would you use a Tablet without Mail, contacts and calendar if you are a Pre Plus user? At the current state the PlayBook only makes sense for Blackberry users. This will change in a future update but till then the prices might decrease and/or the 4G version might be available.

    I sure do hope you won't buy it immediately...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zealster View Post
    Too bad the video got pulled.
    I'm glad it did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsaunders View Post
    I'm glad it did.
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    I still think that the cheap-looking hardware of the TouchPad is going to be biggest problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweaner View Post
    Yes, I would certainly like to see it.
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    There you go, and I don't feel like I am doing anything unethical because I am not breaking a NDA, just redistributing already released information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLegacy View Post

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    There you go, and I don't feel like I am doing anything unethical because I am not breaking a NDA, just redistributing already released information.
    I am sure the video will be back in a month.
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    Nice read, but everything always looks better on paper.
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    I'm glad it's pulled couz it looks lame IMO

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