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    I think the thing I'm going to miss most from the Touchpad is a proper stylus and handwriting recognition. A virtual keyboard is all fine and dandy but handwriting support would be miles faster for most of my writing/typing needs. And this is why I'm going to wait and see what the 7inch version can do before I buy my tablet.

    This came to me when I was playing with the Acer Windows 7 tablet that actually had a stylus in bestbuy. It was far too big, far too heavy for me to actually consider as my tablet. Didnt mind windows 7 too much but the hardware was lacking. However I really really enjoyed the use of the stylus, particularly the handwriting support in comparison to the Ipad's and Xoom's keyboard. On top of being faster it only required one hand to do the input and did not need to be put down to be used optimally.

    The stylus has fallen out of favor on phones but I think with tablets it is time it made a comeback.
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    I agree! They still haven't announced any mounting options for my covered wagon either.

    And how am I supposed to read the screen if I can't replace the candles?!?

    The HP HorsePad with papyrus technology. It practically sells itself!

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    Eat up
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    I detect sarcasm but I dont know why.

    Go to best buy, take a friend, and one of you try typing on the Xoom or Ipad and have the other write the same thing using the stylus on the Acer Windows 7 tablet. The one with the stylus will be done with significantly fewer errors and still be able to hold the tablet in one hand while writing with the other. That cannot be done with a virtural keyboard, it must be placed down for optimum typing speed, killing the portability of it. It is time the stylus made a comeback for more than just digital artists.

    Now I am not saying it should come back on phones, it shouldnt but on the bigger screen of the tablet it needs to.
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    While I agree with you that the stylus would be a good thing, it is likely that someone at HP decided that such a device would be perceived as a throwback to older times and suggest that the Touchpad is a crippled, non-touchscreen device. We will almost certainly have to do without for now.
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    I was playing with an HP Slate the other day and it comes with a stylus, or an "HP Slate Digital Pen". So maybe they could come out with a touchpad version someday. I liked having a stylus with my old pda and think it would be handy with a tablet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Stylus input has been around for for many years up until the HP Slate just a few months ago - and have never caught on. There will undoubtedly be tablets, going forward, with stylus input but they will always be inserted as some kind of skin. This means that a lot of software will not be compatible, rather, it will present you with a keyboard. This means you will always be putting the stylus down and using the keyboard at times.
    I have to agree with this comment. I'm assuming that the demand just isn't there for this type of application. Of course, I could be wrong.
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    honestly I dont need it everywhere, in the basic apps like notes, browser, and the quick office apps and then just optional support for developers and I would be happy.

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