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    Hey folks,
    I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere. But dies anyone know if webOS 3.0 support full flash in browser. I have a lot of paid subscriptions to different websites in my professional and trading life. These Websites have embedded videos and no way i can download them. I need to be able to stream these videos on the browser itself. This is One of my must have features. I know iPad will never support it and I recently played with Xoom and xoom didn't play the video either. Wonder any chance I can play them on TP.
    Thanks a bunch.
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    Yes, it does support flash.
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    I believe the Xoom will have flash in a future update. Not saying you should get one because I do feel the Touchpad will be superior in several areas, ease of task switching being the main one.

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    Yes, there is no doubt that the touchpad will be able to play flash. HD flash is another thing but we can hope.

    I also expect that it will run better on the touchpad than the xoom
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    Thank you all for your feedback. I have totally fallen in love with TP (and webOS in general) will wait to see what HP brings. Will definitely buy a TP. Hope I can switch from my iPhone 3GS as well.

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