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    Any clue as to whether or not the folks at Intuit are working on a Touchpad version of Quicken (full desktop version, not Pocket Quicken)?

    This is kind of a linchpin app for me. I'd like to get a Touchpad for my wife to replace her old laptop. Touchpad seems to do everything else she needs except for running Quicken, as she works out the household budget with it. If that app is coming, then consider the Touchpad SOLD.
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    I have the same requirement. But I mainly use instead of quicken.
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    Hadn't heard of Mint before today. I'll look it up. I'm assuming it's some sort of cloud based finacial management software?
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    Yes it is. If I'm not mistaken, mint is now owned by or atleast part of intuit. I used to be a quicken user. But I'm very happy with mint. Since it's cloud based, it fits (I hope) with webOS.
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    Please please please make a quicken app for touchpad... Its the only thing that keeps me from eliminating computer for good... If I had this app I wouldn't turn on my pc
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    Seriously? I doubt they would make an app for the Touchpad, they can't even be bothered to make a decent one for the Mac...

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