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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebullout View Post
    HP doesn't have a monopoly on knowing how to protect patient data. HP also doesn't write EHR software, and hospital systems from vendors like Siemens, Epic and GE run just as well on Dell or IBM as they do on HP. I hate to poo-poo the notion, but a lot of people overestimate the amount of pull HP has as a hardware supplier in healthcare.
    While other vendors have pull as well, we're talking about the vast size of HP and the billions of dollars they have time to invest in all of this. HP is a very smart company and they offer many different solutions. Having "pull" is always a number and where they can offer those numbers.. HP has lots of numbers and is in a vast array of companies globally. It's all about the cash monehhh! HP doesn't need to write EHR software, but they could and can by HP or an outside firm. Possibly team up with companies like Epocrates and Citrix.
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    Here's what HP should concentrate on: make the TouchPad/Pre 3 combo more attractive to consumers than the iPad. If HP can do that and get individual physician users calling their IT departments to demand support for their new TouchPads, then there will be pressure on the healthcare software vendors to add webOS specific features, like cards. The more likely scenario is that the vendor will help the IT department figure out how to give webOS devices access to run the existing software in an RDP session or browser window. No card support, but also less HIPAA exposure because the patient data won't be stored on the device.

    HP can't throw money at this from the enterprise side. I understand that HP is huge and has deep pockets. But that model doesn't work with mobile devices anymore. If HP makes a compelling product, consumers and physician users will champion it, as they have been doing with the iPad for nearly a year now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebullout View Post
    Here's what HP should concentrate on: make the TouchPad/Pre 3 combo more attractive to consumers than the iPad.
    Right, HP should throw some really serious money to healthcare and medical app developers on one side, and medical professionals on other. Also, they must bribe their way in to succeed. But, you know, maybe there is not much interest for HP to spend vast amounts of money in that field directly. With strategically invested few hundred millions in consumer apps and services direction, webOS could gather critical mass and become attractive to broad consumers and gain public interest.
    Like Microsoft with WP7, as last resort, HP should bribe devs and partners.
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    wow, that was a really great video and of the ipads being in actual use in hospitals. that was really cool where a doctor just emails steve jobs about implementing ipads for medical use and the next day they have an apple rep at the hospital.

    this new ipad2 ad has shots of what looks like doctor checking patient stats and looking at brain scans like they are spearheading use in the medical field.

    i work in a medical center and i know if my CMO sees something like that, he's gonna be calling me saying he wants to find a way to implement it in the center too. Maybe I'll have to try and email steve myself

    Quote Originally Posted by RPreH View Post

    I'm a healthcare professional and knowing what WebOS can do I think it can do wonders within the medical field. The reason I think WebOS would be better than the ipad2 (not trying to bash apple here, just making a comparison), is the fact that we have cards. Having the ability to have cards for labs, patient history, medications, x-rays and being able to flow through them would make it a lot easier for the healthcare professional. Trust me, it's annoying to flip through charts or even click back and forth on the computer (You can even see it on the video, the way they're going back and forth on the ipad). Anyways, just a thought, just in case some HP person is reading this hahaha.
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    I believe HP has what it takes to be a key player in the mobile healthcare space. I am a healthcare systems analyst and a die-hard WebOS fan. I am very excited about Citrix support because I will be able to stop carrying my laptop altogether. Through Citrix, I'll have access to Epic, Meditech, Chartmaxx, Office 2010, network shares, RDP clients, and everything else we use regularly.

    I do, however, work at a Children's Hospital and we have very strict policies against devices with cameras. I will be buying a TouchPad anyway since I don't spend much time in the nursing units these days, but I can't be the only one concerned about the fact that every tablet manufacturer is throwing cameras in their devices. I see the lack of a camera-less option as something that could easily stand in the way of any tablet (including the iPad 2) being widely accepted in hospitals.

    Oh.. And back on the subject of the Citrix App. I truly hope it opens applications on their own respective cards. That would be totally tubular!
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