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    HP will need to have a big instore display section for the touchpad. One thing I never liked about sprint is there instore products. The main reasons dummy phones. I live in LA and most of the sprint stores are littered with dummy phones. Or there's one or two live phones. Hopefully when the touchpad is released there will be several to test out. One thing good about apples instore there's a lot of ipads for everyone to play with. I hate waiting in line at sprint just to look at the only available newest smartphone. Maybe it's different in other states.
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    We had a new Best Buy open up the other day nearby. Went to check it out on Saturday as it's a new concept store with a new layout.

    It's fantastic. Ever since they started remodeling the Best Buy's close to me, they've moved them in to smaller buildings with less inventory and making them more cluttered and confusing. This one is great. Easy to find everything and there are these new displays.

    Scattered throughout the store are these LARGE white (easily visible from anywhere in the store) displays which feature only a couple of products. Like 3 of the same laptops, or an iPhone and iPad 2. Simplistic and huge to grab your attention, and not too many gadgets on there, just enough so you can jump in and play on one and the display is large enough that you're not being crowded, and others can watch.

    I'm hoping the TP, if sold at Best Buy, will be placed on one of these at the new store. I really got the sense that they were the products that they were trying to push. There was also an employee stationed at a few of them, and I hope they are trained on the specific products enough so you can learn more. That will be key, as WebOS is so foreign to everyone on how the cards work and such.
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    Well here on the east coast I don't know of a sprint store that has dummy phones. I remember when they had the EVO they had two operating units. This was at multiple stores not just one location. But you all are right but I feel the competition will be between, Staples and BestBuy. Yes, they are selling the same product but Staples attracts those business minded people who are specifically looking for productivity. Those who have corporate accounts with them. Although you can get it from BB too I think bestbuy attracts more everyday user who is going to check out the new MP3 and say... "oohhh this looks interesting" and THATS when the display with hands on counts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    I think the "corporate" badge is the kiss of death. These days, corporate accounts are where you send products off to die that don't stand a chance in the consumer space. HP had better be more interested in the average consumer or they have already lost. Leo certainly indicated that "Apple cool" is what he was after. You don't get that by trying to appeal to IT guys in suits with corporate accounts. Let's hope they are more interested in BB than Staples.
    You bring up a very good point
    I think (if my memory serves me right) Blackberry is leveraging a new software or reprogrammed their phone which people can use their personal phone along with their business applications without fear of corruption/virus/etc. This is what I think would make the ultimate device. If HP can market the fact that business can let employee's use a tablet or phone without fear and ensure security of data, even if a virus found its way onto a tablet or phone. It would be the best device ever! This would allow anyone who goes into BestBuy to be able to act in a "Staples" environment. Just imagine for those of us (like myself) who has to carry two devices around due to security limitations. We can go to Staples or BestBuy knowing that this is a TRUE all around device.

    But you make a good point... if you want cool... then it needs to be in BestBuy
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