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    I haven't been posting in this forum but have been a lurker of all things Palm/WebOS for a long time!

    Not sure if many have had this conversation but would like to extend an idea to HP that could leverage their "connectivity" push with the technology.

    Can we have the pre3 and veer keyboard be used to as the touchpad keyboard? It's already assumed you have a webos phone to do the other touchpad functions. So, why not leverage the keyboard that you already have?

    That should be an easy one, no? I see these tablets all smugey with fingerprints and using a stylus is just another piece of equipment to have to manage. makes sense to me to use the keyboard on your webOS phone to connect and be your keyboard for the touchpad.

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    haah im sure there will be a patch for that -=). i know HP has made a bluetooth keyboard though
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    I like it...good idea to me. Love to see many webOS Phone Features extended to the Touchpad. Sorli...
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    That's a good idea.

    I don't think HP will do it thou as it will take away from their accessory sales...
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    and lets use the phone as the gesture area.
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    That's what I recommended in one of the other threads also! That's two votes!

    I think the veer would be a perfect little mouse like tool that you can hold in the palm of you hand. Your thumb just controlling your gestures as you use the touchpad.
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    MAN! That is a great IDEA!
    Should have pantent it!
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Quote Originally Posted by ijip View Post
    haah im sure there will be a patch for that -=). i know HP has made a bluetooth keyboard though
    Easier said than done.

    For starters the Bluetooth stack will need to be reworked to include the proper HID profile. Palm has decided to go with a fully custom one, so unless it's a full replacement with BlueZ or something it'll be quite difficult. The HID profile on the phone only supports HID devices connecting to it, not acting as an HID device.
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    This is an awesome idea! Sherad you should go to the palm website (link below) and submit your idea to their Feedback and Feature Request page!!!
    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
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