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    I sold my PS3, games, and an old camera adapter on ebay so I had more than enough cash to get an ipad and smart cover. One day before the ipad launch, something told me not to get it. While I am anxious to see the touchpad in action, I don't that was the driving factor. The main reason is cost for these tablets. $500 is a lot of money especially for a device that doesn't really replace any of my current devices. I could only see myself getting a wifi because it's the cheapest and I would only operate the device at home. I don't do the starbucks thing. Besides when I thought about it, there's a lot of stuff to get at $500. So I spent $160 for a portable 7inch 1080p HD TV with HDMI in (used for filmmaking). Now I'm at $300+ and a chance to get other stuff. I wish that was the price for the touchpad (maybe 7inch?). I already have a asus mini laptop and a pre. I don't see the TP and Pre3 really improving how I work and play. I will say between the two, the Pre3 is at the top of the list. That is if it ever goes to sprint.
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    Spend the rest on shares of Apple stock. You can use the profit to buy a TouchPad when the ship.

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    I got one share of Apple stock for my 12th birthday @ 60 bucks a share... best birthday present I ever got xD
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    i would buy back your ps3
    i couldn't go without mine lol
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    If you're not sure why you need something..don't buy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjb86 View Post
    i would buy back your ps3
    i couldn't go without mine lol

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