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    Had a galaxy tab for a month. loved it. so much easier to carry around then a 10 inch. returned it so i can wait to see whats coming from palm. miss it a lot. cant wait for the so-called opal. hope its up to snuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    10" has no horizontal extra screen realestate than 7" at 1024x600. This fact is very important, because it is whats important for web, PDF, email, and documents. a 4.3 inch phone won't be able to do that at all.

    iPad sold 10 million in a year, tab sold 2 million in 3 months, for a non-apple brand, its very good, IMHO. (return rate is 3%, normal, I don't listen to the lies spreading and hyped by apple ******* and Steve Jobs' on stage lying performance was extra appalling).

    there is no way 10" is as portable as 7", 7"er can fit a sports coat pocket, can be held in one hand while other hand can be for coffee, writing, food, etc.

    the most important difference between a large phone and the 7" tab, nowadays, is the resolution. the 7" tab at 1024x600 can perfectly display full web, PDF, email and documents while a large phone can't.

    10" is not perfect, it has the similar portability as a 10"-11" notebook, with far fewer functions.

    I believe you guys really should play with the galaxy tab (the only decent, available 7" tab so far) for a bit, many people just simply assume its just a bigger phone, but the resolution, the form factor, the portability, its really great, put your hands on it and you will have a whole new idea.

    I have used it quite a bit. I am not saying its bad. I really liked it. HOwever, compared to the size of the iPad, I see much more productivity in the latter. Much more.

    It might also have to do with the fact that Android 2.2 is not really a tablet system....
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    I would buy a 7 inch tablet over a 10 inch I think, I do not think the size would impact my productivity in the slightest but the 7 inch would have to be on par spec wise with the 10 inch for me to consider it not a Pre and Pixi situation. Portability is key to me, a 7 inch display is a big step up from smartphones and as long as its not compromised for "education use"

    10 inches is huge, 7 might be too small, cant help but think that a 8-9inch tablet could be a sweetspot.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcbo89 View Post
    10 inches is huge, 7 might be too small, cant help but think that a 8-9inch tablet could be a sweetspot.....

    An 8.9 inch tablet IS sweet. I don't have the hands of a basketball player, however my Slate 500 can be held edge to edge in one hand. Although it doesn't fit into inside coat pockets, it does fit into the side pocket of some coats and jackets (trenchcoats). Besides, the cradle can be used to make it a great Car PC too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    As I said previously, unfortunately for my wallet I can see myself picking up both. I see the TouchPad as the perfect substitution for my laptop. I have a desktop at work and I can use the TouchPad throughout the building, and then at home on my couch or in the yard. I can also see myself using the 'Opal' while on the bus or when I'm out in the city. The 'one handed' operation lends itself to those situations better than the larger devices.
    agreed. I will probably get a touchpad for my couch device (may suck it up and let the wife use her profile on it, as she does far more facebooking than I do); then I may get an Opal for me (I go to court a lot and if I could bring all the docs in pdf format it would save my back a ton) add in amazon so i could read leisure books on the subway (with the aforementioned coffee in the other hand) and its a win.
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    Im sorry for bringing this post back but Im just curious - what does "educational" mean to you. Some kind of specific software for notes and time organization? Stylus maybe?
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