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    It'll be separate... They'll want to milk it... Not for just the wireless charging but for the hdmi out. At least $50 option I think. They should make a microusb hdmi cable though for people that do not want to lug a touchstone base with them.
    That's the thing though, I don't think they can afford to "milk it." They need people to buy the touchpad.

    However, considering if HDMI out is part of the dock, that will probably push up its utility enough to rationalize charging extra for it so who knows.

    In regard to the micro usb to hdmi cable, is that even a possibility? I would have assumed that the micro usb doesn't have the throughput to do video out at 720 or 1080...
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    At the SF event I got the impression they were including the dock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by innocentbystander View Post
    I can see it sold for 69.99 without a cable...
    Also, why is there no 16 GB 3g version?
    Good question. I don't need 32 Gig (besides the price issue) and I think a 16 Gig 3G version for 599 would fit perfectly.
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    Looking for HP XPS touch pad. Thanks for sharing.Keep updating.
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    HP, like many other manufacturers has historically used Qualcomm parts. It appears that Qualcomm's production will not be impacted by the earthquake:

    Qualcomm Rises On Insulation From Japan‎ - Forbes
    "Qualcomm shares are rising today after the company said that based on a review of its extended semiconductor supply chain, it does not foresee an impact in its ability to supply products to its customers due to the events in Japan...."

    Also see:
    Intel, Qualcomm Say Japan Disaster Won't Hurt Chip Production-eWeek
    Japan uncertainty presents Qualcomm opportunity - Financial Post

    Bloomberg goes beyond and makes statement about others:
    Intel, Qualcomm Say Earthquake in Japan Won't Slow Chip Output- Bloomberg

    At this time we do not know of any impact the earthquake has had on the release of the TouchPad, Veer, or Pre 3.

    Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. They should be of greater concern than parts for our phones and computers.
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