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    So, after taking in everything that has been annouced for the touchpad so far, I've come up with a wish list to be incorprated into it when it releases this summer.

    1. Camera - I'm not gonna talk dual, but the placement seems off to me. I mean if the camera was off centered then it would be more practical to use in both portrait and landscape. Like so.

    2. Face recognition - How awesome would it be to have capacitative sensors on the black border that surrounds the screen, that when touched, turns the system on and uses the front camera to unlock by recognition. If someone else where to hold it, it would just go to a default unlock screen.

    3. For the millionth time change the back cover. Get rid of that shiny high gloss plastic that scuffs easily and picks up fingerprints like ****** on toilet paper. Someone made a comment in the threads regarding CSI and using the fingerprints to track who stole your touchpad, that was hilarious. I hope that's not a feature hp will announce, lol.
    Keep it like the veer and pre 3, the soft touch plastic has a better feel. I personally wished they went with g-10 fiber as in highend knives like benchmade, kershaw, spyderco.

    4. No gesture area, that's ok. It could be better just incorporating gesture swipes on the screen. For example, 3 finger swipe inwards would minimize the active app window into card view, then you could get rid of that apple home button
    One thing I would like to see in the future is side by side windows for comaprison of documents. Just stack the cards and activate this feature by using the pinch to zoom motion. This would be software related and I know the dev teams/homebrewers could come up with something.

    5. No ports, I for one would like a clean device and would welcome hp putting port replicators on the docking station. I do hope dlna is included on the touchpad itself though.

    6. No NFC, that's ok, I'm fine with TTS. I'm not too sure about the technology behind this, but I recall it being on bluetooth technology. Well, there's wifi radios on the webos devices with a higher and faster throughput. Would it be possible to tap the devices to initiate a pre-handshake (no pun intended) that would then enable a wifi band say G or better yet N for data sharing between devices. Of course if more security is a necessity, then wep, wpa, etc could be implemented. I don't have the specifics on this, but it would be cool to transfer pics, movies, docs, etc. instead of just weblinks.
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    The only problem with the screen gestures is that would then make it so apps could use them and limit their use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    The only problem with the screen gestures is that would then make it so apps could use them and limit their use.
    Not if gestures were standardized
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    It needs to have an app that builds me an island and then transforms into a jet and flies me there.
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    No ports? no sorry we need ports, we will not always have access to the touchstone I'm also betting that it will cost 100 to 150 dollars and come separate. I want an HDMI, USB, and SD card slot, ports are not obsolete yet.

    And yeah, face recognition, not all that useful, neither is NFC on a tablet, we have touchstone technology for that anyways, plastic back, yes get rid of the shiny.
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    Just played with the ipad 2 @ BB last night. Its simply amazing, the thinness is something to behold. However, the cameras were crappy. My wife thought it was the coolest thing around, besting the xoom by far. We did agree (and I still stand by it) that the web is best on a bigger screen. There is a gateway 11.6" netbook that has yet to be released that would be better, even the xoom @ 10.1" didn't quite hit the spot. The lenovo x201 is rocking a 12.1" screen, but don't know how that is. Anyone care to weigh in. Even the ipad 2 @ it's current form has lots of wasted space around the screen. If hp decided to go 11.6" they'd have more room to space out components, put in a bigger thinner battery and cut down even more on the thinness of the device. Then again different strokes for different folks, I for one am in the category for more screen real estate with higher resolution. How did they figure 9.7" was the perfect size? I hope they didn't drink the apple juice. I believe if a slightly larger device (length x height) was developed with lesss bulk and weight people wouldnt mind carrying it around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by champiful View Post
    Not if gestures were standardized
    No that isn't what I am saying. By standardizing gestures it would make it so the apps could use the gestures in their apps. Its like sealing off a window of opportunity. Yes, the good may out weigh the bad but I personally don't approve of any kind of action that would limit developers.
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    - John Wayne
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    "Rocket Launcher" cant emphasize this enough

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