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    So, ya, anybody seen the boot time on the TouchPad yet?
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    Nope, none of the hp people at the event really bothered. However, I can see it being much better.
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    One would hope. The iPad takes, what, a few seconds?
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    I would expect it to take the same amount of time as my Pre 2. My Pre 2 will Boot/Restart in less than two minutes

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    I expect it to be around a minute if not less, HP will be optimizing it and will have the power of the CPU to load it faster than current devices
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    Don't forget about hyperspace instant on.The software HP bought from Phoenix Technologies.I wonder if they will ever use this on phones or tablets?
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    I think for a Tablet they could just implement suspend to RAM (standby). Only the RAM needs to be supplied with energy, thus conserving battery life.

    I don't know how Hyperspace works, so I don't know how it could speed up the boot process.
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    Hi, I thought the HP TouchPad startup time was slow, so I searched and found this link to get more info.

    The startup time for my Touchpad is about 63 seconds.
    I bought it 8/24/11 and I have performed the available HP updates as of 8/24/11.
    So I have webOS 3.0.2

    I am considering loading Preware to gain speed, and setting the Touchpad to minimal logging to gain performance speed.
    Got a slow HP TouchPad? Here are 3 easy ways to speed it up

    If anyone has other tips to lower the startup time or wants to compare startup times, let me know.

    Before posting my post, I went ahead and turned off minimal logging to compare the time change.
    After setting to minimal logging, the startup time is: 69 seconds!

    It went from 63 to 69!!!

    So it seems setting to Minimal logging, increases the startup time. But it may increase speeds with normal use. I havenít tested this yet.

    The only thing I did was:
    1) Turn on the Touchpad and timed it to get the time of 63 seconds.
    2) Changed to Minimal logging using the instructions link above.
    3) Powered off the Touchpad.
    4) Waited 5 mins
    5) Turned on the Touchpad and got a new startup time of 69 seconds.

    Also, before setting to minimal logging, thereís a confirmation that says the action cant be undone.
    So im wondering if itís worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken3 View Post
    So im wondering if it's worth it.
    Allow me to ease your mind:

    That's two touchpads side by side, one running all the remove logging etc and 1.5ghz, and one running stock.

    One of these things is NOT like the other .

    Now, you might say, that's gotta be the 1.5ghz working there, so look at this video:

    As you can see, with -just- the overclock, the 1.2 and 1.5ghz touchpad are almost neck and neck. The 1.5ghz is faster, but the difference is NOWHERE near the difference you see in that first video.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say here is, who cares if it takes 69 seconds to boot up instead of 63? You'll reboot every so often, but in the meantime, you'll have massively faster running webOS if you patch and remove all logging.

    On the other side of the coin, all logging is doing is sending a bunch of recorded information from your pad to palm every single day. Do you really want your pad reporting home with a whole laundry list of usage statistics etc? If a program on your home PC was doing that people would be in an uproar due to the potential for invasion of privacy. Hell, I'd kill the logs even if it made my touchpad SLOWER.
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    **Update 3**

    My startup time is now 74 seconds!!!

    I installed Preware and most of the patches. Then I powered off. Waited 10 mins, and powered on to time it.

    I havent overclocked yet.

    Install Preware on HP Touchpad | Geek Montage

    PS. I read ncinerate's post. Thanks for the info.
    My posts arent to debate against the changes.
    Im just documenting for others to see the startup time-change when I alter certain things on the Touchpad.
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    You're not supposed to shut these things down all the time. Log off instant messaging, and set your email to check at a reasonable rate (as they come if you don't get a lot of emails) and just leave it on through the night.

    Last I checked, after leaving it on for 6 or so hours, I was still at 100% battery.
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    Mine takes 65 seconds using UberKernel with the logging patches. That includes 5 seconds to hold the button down. Boot up time isn't significant to me as I rarely turn it off. When I'm not using it, I just close all cards, switch it to Airplane Mode and let it go to sleep. Power consumption is minimal and the device can instantly be used. It wouldn't surprise me if turning it on and off a few times a day consumes more power than that. You can shave about 5 seconds off boot time by putting it in Airplane Mode before you turn it off.

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