HP must joint venture this way for TouchPad touchpanel supply.

Phil Mckinney showed an smart ? film for displays of any size. If HP is ready with it, why they donīt joint venture any of the Taiwan hardware touch panel makers, like 3M is doing with Quanta.

A joint venture like this could assure the touch panel supply and have no shortages to a faster release of new innovations with new devices. Donīt you think.

The Quanta/3M joint venture news on this article:

Quanta to set up touch panel joint venture with 3M

Quanta Computer has announced plans to set up a joint venture with US-based 3M in Singapore for developing projected capacitive touch technology in order to gain profits from the large PC and related markets.

Quanta indicated that touch technology is the trend for the future industry and Quanta has always had a technological cooperation relationship 3M in the past and believes that it is necessary for the two companies to cooperate in the touch technology field. Furthermore, future cooperation between Quanta and 3M will focus on PC product lines such as personal computers, all-in-one PCs and tablet PCs.

Quanta announced strategic cooperation with 3M during Computex 2010 and displayed a notebook with 3M's touch technology. The cooperation for the JV will focus on developing projected capacitive touch technology and may expand the cooperation to touch modules, sensors, electronic systems and products, Quanta added.

In addition to MID products for touch related business, Quanta has recently started shipments for RIM's Playbook.

Quanta is the largest manufacturer for all-in-one PCs with orders from the world-leading US-based vendor, as well as other PC vendors, and may land touch related orders from them when technology improves.

Quanta to set up touch panel joint venture with 3M