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    in the new episode of califorinacation
    about 3:15sec into it the front desk lady at the hotel that hank moody is staying at is using it. look at the multitasking. i think they used a screen over though because it(webos)
    looks very stripped down
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    Looks pretty cool sitting there on its touchstone
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    Is that really a touchpad??

    EDIT: Thought not.
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    The TouchPad doesn't have a silver bezel around the edge of the black bezel, as the tablet in the video clip certainly does.

    Edit: Looks more like an iPad with a fake UI, obviously inspired by webOS.
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    not a touchpad at all. ipad and keyboard with mocked up interface. Did the OP actually watch the video?
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    I completely concur with blue duck butter. That's not a Touchpad, it does look more like an Ipad, even the keyboard looks like an apple product. The UI is definitely WebOS inspired. Good find though screwby doo.
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    Wow, when did they film that? could it have been before February 9th? I assume this is a cable show...premium channel...wasn't ready for the language/content during my lunch hour at the office!

    I don't think I saw the young lady use the keyboard, although there is a sound like keyclicks before she taps the screen to pull up the bill. I wonder if the keyboard actually works at this time with the touchpad that was available when they filmed this. Of course, with the magic of television, you can create the illusion of whatever you need.

    Side note, I don't remember Fox Mulder racking up a bill like that at a hotel!
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    for those that havent ever watched the show its great and yes its on showtime on sundays at 9. its in its 4th season but its a great show! i do agree too. it looks like a ipad wit a webos ui
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    ....guys are you for real. This is clearly an ipad with safari open with alot of blank web pages (tabs) open to look like the girl is doing something.
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    What a changeup though. A mobile computer on a racy video, instead of the other way around.
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    Haha! Video removed.
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    Same episode this girls using a HTC G1 lol. (8mins in)
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    lol? what was this? got booted off youtube for sexual content? lolz

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