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    Now that I have had some time with the ipad2 instead of just playing with one at an apple store... My personal opinion is that the ipad2 speakers are really good... I'd say that it's clearer and a fuller sound than on my 3GS and about twice as loud.

    And over time u still feel the weight as someone else mentioned but the thinner profile and especially contour change at the edges for your hand is a really big improvement over the first to make it feel comfortable.

    I don't think for the majority that go with the ipad2, you are not making any concession or choice between thinner and speakers... You are getting both. But if u really need a more premium audio... I guess the beats will fit your needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samab View Post
    Beats Audio falls into the dedicated vs. integrated chipset argument. That's it. Just like video cards. Dedicated video cards are more powerful than integrated video cards. Pros and cons are increased features vs. increased footprint. The funny thing is that there is probably integrated audio stuff inside the Qualcomm chipset which HP decided not to enable.

    There is no secret sauce. ANY silicon company can make a dedicated audio amp chip. You can buy a "chip amp" kit and build yourself a high-quality amplifier.

    DIY Chip Amplifier Kits, PCB's, Components and Information.
    I think dedicated audio makes a big difference. I owned 2 laptops.. a dell with a subwoofer and two speakers, and an hp with just two weak speakers. Made a big difference soundwise, especially when playing media clips because people don't always want to constantly plug in headphones. I vote for the better audio. Same with my computer, my auzentech prelude puts out way way better sound than the onboard. Makes a huge difference when gaming or listening to music without headphones.

    Also to consider, dedicated cards use less resources from the CPU as well. I think that would be important in a tablet.
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    I don't think it makes much different for 99% of the time when the only thing playing is crippled lossy mp3 music --- which is slight better than FM radio quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Here's a guy who seems to like music despite the small internal speaker of his iPad:

    ahhh...but he didn't quite replay the music with the iPad's speaker, did he?
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