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    I was think of getting just the wifi only version of the Touchpad if the Pre3 comes with a hotspot app. If not I may try to get the 3g version. I was wondering what model you guys might want to get.
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    For me it would be wifi only without a doubt. If the Pre3 doesn't have an official hotspot app then you should be able to use freeTether through Preware and be good to go. I don't see the need to pay for an extra data plan when in all likelihood I'll use it most at home or at work.
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    wifi only for me. I expect 3g will be much expensive. Webos, android and symbian have wifi tether apps so no need for 3g.
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    Still Wifi here. I don't have pockets full of extra dough so I think I am very capable to survive with a Wifi only.
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    wifi for sure

    don't need a 3g one
    anywhere i'd be with a tablet i'd have wifi access
    if not, tether it up
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    Wifi only. I got wifi most places I go and will tether anywhere else.
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    wifi only
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    wifi only
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    Wi-Fi only, I can tether to it using my Pre Plus and soon, my Pre 3.
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    I still can't justify the 'need' for any tablet.

    But if I were to get one, it would be WiFi only. I'll only be using it at home.
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