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  • HDMI out

    40 21.98%
  • Rear camera

    10 5.49%
  • SD/MicroSD card reader

    28 15.38%
  • Netflix

    13 7.14%
  • Removeable battery

    2 1.10%
  • Hardware keyboard

    0 0%
  • Gesture Area

    41 22.53%
  • USB port (if the micro USB cannot be used as one)

    8 4.40%
  • 4G/LTE

    3 1.65%
  • Launch Date

    37 20.33%
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    It's not listed, but my vote would be for less plastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    HDMI out (to play movies, make presentations, etc.)
    Rear camera
    Netflix (see HDMI above)
    Skype (see rear camera)
    Voice Control
    100 other key apps
    Make the price no more than $499
    Make it available now and not from Apple

    Did you see the front-page article:
    HP considering moving tablet development to notebook division [rumor]
    Netflix was announced for the TP? if so that is fantastic. Also, why do you want a rear camera for skype?
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    For Touchpad Red edition, embedded Red camera at rear with Red Rocket transcoding tehnology inside Touchpad. They could record new Dr. Dre's video as part of campaign. It would give HP so needed prestige.
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    the gesture area. I believe that this is a vital and innovative part of webos that differentuates it from the othe million phones and tablets out there that all have physical nav buttons.
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    HDMI, SD card slot, DLNA, rear facing camera, gesture area, and more apps!!!
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    I was knocked off when I read all about the TouchPad and the gesture area that makes webOS the differientation from the competition are not coming in. Besides true multitasking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Someone said in another thread that there is no user file manager program in webos - is that right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoutcamper View Post
    Internalz by Jason Robitaille
    Banned for... Oh sorry, wrong thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuadForce View Post
    From the list.. I'd have to say a launch date..

    Hardware wise I think hdmi out would be nice
    software wise I think netflix.
    Hardware ... Hdmi I guess. But software hands down an iMovie and GarageBand apps
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    Tough decision... I say screw the rear facing camera. Give me photo sharing with touch-to-share. Take a FAR better picture with the much easier to handle, Pre 3, and seamlessly transfer it to the TouchPad.

    1. No glossy back
    2. HDMI out
    3. I can understand the lack of gesture area but at least introduce two finger gestures. Left to right = card to card, up = up gesture (card view). I'd suggest the pixel border but Blackberry have played copy cat so far so lets not become them.
    4. Developers - so people can stop poking holes in webOS for it's lack of apps...
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    Oh also i need a stylus
    It would be super amazing if there is a stylus
    I would be taking it to my classes every day and be taking notes with it
    It would be super awesome
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    Expandable memory with HDMI being second.

    I could care less about a rear camera. I can't see myself ever needing or wanting to take a photo with this. THOUGH it would be pretty cool to go to an event like a wedding and while people are taking out their phones take out this and try to take a photo with it's 9.7" screen. LOL!

    Netflix is something that can easily be added down the road. BUT would be cool.

    Removable is always nice and I hope you get something this basic.

    Hardware keyboard: They are selling a keyboard add on which is ok. What I would like to see is a laptop dock like the atrix has. Just you have the ability to dock the touch pad to the keyboard physically and use it pretty much like a laptop.

    Gesture Area: It won't have this?

    USB Port: I can take it or leave it. As long as it has microUSB I'm cool.

    4G/LTE: No! If I get a touch pad I wan the WiFi version.
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    A magnetic adapter like the veer for ports (hdmi, usb, svga, etc.) This way hp could use the space to maximize the battery, more ram, etc. or thin the case down for that matter. That way, we could just attach the magnetic adaptor to accomodate a wide variety of connectors. That everyone insists they need. For me, I don't plan on connecting peripherals on a constant basis so I don't need a dedicated port(s). If I need it I'll just whip it out. To me this one universal adaptor would be more practical instead of carrying around specific adaptors that most devices need.
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    A wrist lanyard!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by see_wor View Post
    Oh also i need a stylus
    It would be super amazing if there is a stylus
    I would be taking it to my classes every day and be taking notes with it
    It would be super awesome
    I don't know if this link will work but if you go to staples hp to page and scroll to the bottom you can see accessories for the touchPad and one is a stylus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prethadd81 View Post
    I don't know if this link will work but if you go to staples hp to page and scroll to the bottom you can see accessories for the touchPad and one is a stylus.

    HP TouchPad | Staples
    HP TouchPad | Staples
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    [url= TouchPad | Staples[/url]
    My link works but this is better because it opens in another card.Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChLange View Post
    Definetly a SD Card Slot. Would be awesome in combination with Digital Cameras. Take pictures, put the SD Card from the camera into the touchpad an view them / share them. But i fear I maybe the only one who sees the usefulness of this.^^
    And a launch date of course.
    Your not. Problem is companies rushing products without sitting back and thinking of what would be good. Let's look back...

    iPhone had nothing when it first came out, then it got apps, then it got street view, copy/paste and stuff I can't even remember, then it got multitasking and backgrounds?

    Android... Not much different aside from inclusion of multitasking. It then grew to having navigation, copy paste, and multitouch.

    Webos actually didn't lack as much, but did lack visual voicemail and had major speed issues. It also lacked way to many api's

    Wp7 lacked copy/past until recently, has no multitasking yet, and app organization

    What do all 3 have in common? they all lacked basic functions at launch, most of which were available on palm and windows mobile devices previously. You say sticking your memory card.into your tablet would be useful? Windows mobile devices did this. You could view pictures right from device. Most phones allow this, but only android, rim and select other smart phones allow for micro sd, but tablet? You would expect an sd slot. However companies rush, and thus the usefulness of devices suffers. Tan lets are far more intuitive and have many more opportunities then a laptop, but are limited because they are rushing to get products out, not thinking of what would make them more usefull. In general up seems to have a better tablet os then iOS and android, but the lack of apps will dwarf that, and the hardware is nothing special, powerful yes, but no more productive then any other tablet. A USB, sd, and hdmi port would have been nice.
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    case made from something other than a glossy black fingerprint magnet
    Second this

    I would add the ability to run Android applications. That is an original idea
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    The more I think about it the more I realize that if the touchpad doesn't have an hdmi port and usb host abilities I will not be purchasing it. DLNA along will not be enough and neither will the touchstone dock having the ports

    They are essential to me and I assume to many others and it will be a real shame if these features are missing
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