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    Pulled this link out of one of the comments on an engadget thread...

    Might as well show our presence! - Question: Tablet Showdown! - Tags: tablet ipad2 motorolaxoom xoom honeycomb hptouchpad rim blackberryplaybook playbook
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    #2 wants to track your physical location
    I'll give that a miss thanks.
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    I just voted without signing in .

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    For what it's worth I voted last night. It has moved from 13 votes (last night) to 32 votes as of the time of this post.
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    I will not vote for HP again. Not after the way the left all of us with legacy devices in the dust after promising they wouldnt. I voted in every other past poll by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    Vote for something that's not even out? I'll pass and vote for one of the others.
    Like the iPad 2 that isn't out either?
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    Once again, I voted for the underdog: the iPad 2. For the record, the TP is kicking the iP2's ****. A win's a win. There's a victory you can be proud of. I expect to hear this mentioned in the next HP presentation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    Like the iPad 2 that isn't out either?

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