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    How about you? What apps must the TouchPad and HP provide for you to relinquish app-envy?
    I can't say for sure what my must have apps are but the things i want are:

    • "The next big thing" i'll always want what's next.
    • ESPN sportscenter
    • ESPN Fantasy
    • Sky Sports
    • Yahoo fantasy Sports
    • i watch a lot of soccer,anything soccer related, from news to fantasy
    • ESPN Radio
    • NFL
    • NBA
    • One for the Individual sports teams i follow
    • Netflix
    • Amplitube Guitar Amp modeler
    • Fidelity
    • Etrade
    • TD Ameritrade
    • GMail
    • Google Finance
    • Yahoo Finance
    • VLC
    • SoundHound
    • CNN
    • Fios remote control
    • Time Warner remote DVR
    • CNBC
    • msnbc
    • Yahoo Finance
    • Google Finance
    • Piano app
    • Youtube (with full features)
    • Adobe Photoshop express
    • Epicurious
    • IMDB
    • open table
    • Chess
    • Kindle
    • PDF reader
    • Slingplayer
    • Citibank
    • Beatmaker

    also the little guy. I listen to a podcast out of England. it's a small outfit and they made an iphone app. They may never make an webos app. And what does suck is that the little companies don't seem to want to get on board. Also i'd want most of those. it wouldn't make me happy if only half came.

    Update the current apps. Music player, video player, google maps, youtube all would need to be brought up to snuff with the competition in terms of features, ease of use, responsiveness of the apps (the last is more of a touch screen not responding thing but it's annoying). But a year on why can't the youtube app log into my youtube account? Why hasn't the music player been made the equal of the ipod app? That's just me but it's what i personally look at.

    Business Space. As a side note i think these are some apps and companies that i think would be worth pursuing if you want to start attacking the business space as opposed to the consumers apps. Because most businesses aren't gonna order 5000 touchpads so employes can watch Hulu. So i'd look to for example:
    • quickoffice
    • pages
    • Numbers
    • AutoCad
    • SAP
    • cisco
    • oracle
    • Analytics
    • Sketchbook
    • Airstrip medical diagnostic apps
    • Dropbox
    • Medscape
    • Epocrates

    I also think there is great growth in the music production, like audio production companies like Korg, products like Rebirth. There are tons of ipad music production apps doing everything from beat makers, synthesizers, recording, and tons of other stuff i'm above my paygrade musically. Also and design space. Like drawing apps. Whether it's for publishing, are, or interior design. I've seen software that does that.

    Now the sad thing is 99% of first list i've been waiting for a year and a half for with little end in sight.
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    I'm pretty easy:

    an amazing Web Browser
    OneNote (would be nice to have an Active Digitizer for this)
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    I would love to buy the Touch Pad and have it replace my iPad but I really need two apps for me to do the switch.

    Log Me In and Sign my Pad

    Or new apps that will let me do the same thing. I need to be able to get into my office PC and get docs signed while on the road. I hope we will be able to do those things on Web OS.
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    Excellent Gmail & Calendar integration
    Overdrive Media Console - I love being able to check out library ebooks and audiobooks
    e-magazine subscription aggregator of some kind (Zinio)
    MediaMonkey & remote
    Angry Birds- jk
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    Basically I want a software suite that will turn the table into an "info-pad"
    Mobile Opportunity: The Info Pad Creeps Closer
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