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    As someone who loves the gesture aspect of WebOS (I'm always swiping the LCD on our office printer to no avail, which leads me to believe that HP is on to something with their plans to put WebOS on printers), I'm really gonna miss it on the TouchPad.

    Also, as a longtime fan of the Hide Quick Launch Bar patch because of the clean look it gives the Pre (why have the bar up all the time when it's so easy to get with a gesture?), I really don't like the idea of all those launch icons sitting on screen all the time (if that's what they do).

    Patch devs, would it be possible to insert a discrete (and discreet!) gesture area, perhaps defined by a blurred, distorted, or less-saturated version of whatever's under the area on the screen (in either orientation), on the TouchPad? And to hide the Quick Launch Bar?

    For veteran WebOSers, I would think this would be very popular.
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    I'm not sure but depending on how HP deals with the lack of a gesture area you might have to modify every program on the TouchPad to accept this kind of mod?

    I think this would be difficult.

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