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    A pretty positive review:

    In fact, it’s a highly tactile and solid-feeling, if not weighty, device and – here’s the shocker – we really, really like it. And if it can undercut the iPad on price? Then it’s a serious contender.
    We think the HP Touchpad is a superb tablet device. But better developer support is absolutely crucial, and it will live or die by its pricing.
    Hands on: HP TouchPad review | MWC 2011
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    Isn't thus the same hands-on that everyone else got? Not doubting his first impression. But I would hesitate to call it a review
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    HP representatives were obviously coy on price but, for the record, we don’t think it will be as cheap as the iPad (not that the iPad is cheap).
    If it is not as 'cheap' as the iPad, there really is no point in making it. I'm not sure why companies think that they can sell a tablet for more than the price of an iPad. The feature set on the Touchpad (Xoom or Playbook) is not far enough ahead of the iPad to warrant a higher price. Besides that, Apple is considered a top of the range expensive brand, while HP, Motorola and RIM are considered middle of the road at best. They need to offer the same or better features for a competitive price. It does not have to be too low, but it must be lower.

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