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    I'm a professional photographer and love the ipad with a eye-fi and shuttersnitch combo. Invest in getting something better than this ready to go on launch day. Market to photographers and it will really push sales. Here is why

    1.) Right now there is no similar option on android tablets, yet!

    2.) We use these tablets to show customers thier images as we shoot. We use these to show off thier album samples and more. People see these ipads and go I want one of these. We talk about ipads all the time on forums. Can you see what i mean. Photographers have a real need for tablets to use in this manor.

    3.) Photographers will always have the need of a powerful pc to do photoshop. So when webOS becomes integrated into PCs it will help pull away apple users.

    4.) A vast amount of photographs own iphones and I know as a webos user they would love to swtich if there was a better phone system out there that they new about.

    It wouldn't take much to really market to photographers and have a good eye-fi interrogation and it would really help push sales on all your products.
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    I totally agree. I was wishing that it would have also have a SD card reader on it so that images could be imported in that way also.
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    Hey! I'm from Knoxville! Go Vols! And, I take pictures...with my Pre+, does that count?
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    Personally, I donít think this is a big enough market for them.

    I am a hobbyist photographer, make a little on the side but nothing special. That said, in a lot of the photo forums I look at, a large majority of the photographers I see would just as soon tell you to go to hell as to take you up on the notion of trying anything other than an apple computer product.

    Drivers to make an ad hoc wireless connection with an Eye-fi would be a good idea though. That would get you 90% of the way there.

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    There's always Flickr Mundo, if you're a Flickr user. I'm busy porting it to the tablet format right now.
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    There is always room for improvement - and a reason to do so. For example, there are even more people using an iPod for MP3 as there are photographs. So why is there no Beats Audio on the Pre 3? If HP wants to be cooler than apple, than they need to improve on apple. Right now we have a sh*tty speaker on the Pre 1/2, and a headphone jack that is very likely to break/make your Pre stay in headphone mode when removed. I bought a cheap MP3 Player to use while doing sports. My Pre is way to bad on the audio part, and I am afraid it could take even more damage from sweat and regular shaking. So how is this competing with Apple?

    Ofc, having a touchpad that delivers like the OP requested would be awesome. My post is not meant to derail this thread. I just think that it will take like 2-3 generations of HP hardware until we have something competitive. The touchpad is some old HP stuff, and the Veer/Pre3 are likely to be older Palm designs. The real HP shizzle is still to come.

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