View Poll Results: Do you think the TouchPad has a chance against its competition?

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  • No, it's too little too late.

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  • Yes, webOS's features still blow away the competition!

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  • Maybe, it's still to early to tell.

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    Do you think the TouchPad has a chance of gaining traction?

    Food for Thought: Sorry, But HP's TouchPad Is No Threat To Apple's iPad

    As much as I love using and developing for webOS, I personally don't see them really taking off. It's too much of a "me too" device just now that has no real advantage over industry leaders. The hardware won't even set itself apart once it is released! The big name OS's have had 2+ years to copy and implement most of it's main - and promised - features (multitasking, notifications, universal search, FLASH) as well as establish themselves in the market. Even RIM's PlayBook is more well known just now! (btw, RIM is giving out FREE devices to developers who develop an app before March 15th and they have a rumored $500 price tag! I wish I had the time to take advantage of that one )

    HP/Palm currently don't have the mindshare (and what they have, lately hasn't been good from what I've heard), they don't have the current user support (especially after the webOS 2 PRPRPR $mess$!), $they$ $are$ $making$ $it$ $hard$ $on$ $developers$ ($need$ $all$ $new$ $dev$ $hardware$ $now$, $have$ $fragments$ $OS$ $base$ $to$ $work$ $with$, $will$ $need$ $to$ $port$ $apps$ $to$ $Enyo$ - $which$ $is$ $only$ $in$ $pre$-$release$ $form$ $just$ $now$ - $to$ $really$ $take$ $advantage$ $of$ $the$ $TouchPad$), $no$ $amazing$ $software$ $partners$, $no$ $large$ $existing$ $software$ $base$ ($and$ $the$ $current$ $software$ $will$ $be$ $fragmented$ $at$ $launch$ - $webOS$ $1$.$4$.$x$ $Mojo$, $2$.$0$-$2$.$2$ $Mojo$, $2$.$x$ $Enyo$, $3$.$0$ $Mojo$ $emulated$, $3$.$0$ $Enyo$, $and$ $who$ $knows$ $with$ $PDK$ $apps$!), $and$ $their$ $rumor$ $price$ $is$ $too$ $high$ $to$ $get$ $people$ $to$ $buy$ $it$ $over$ $the$ $established$ $competition$ ($especially$ $if$ $they$'$ve$ $invested$ $in$ $accessories$ $and$ $applications$ $already$ $on$ $another$ $platform$!).

    So what do you think? What do you think HP/Palm has to do to get noticed?
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    I voted no. It basically comes down to platform and core services. HP has little to offer and not much to leverage.

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