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    Vote the Touchpad for most anticipated device.

    Vote for the 2010 Engadget Awards! -- Engadget
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    Here we go again. Maybe if it ends in time, HP can use it in their slideshow at MWC.
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    MWC what does that have to do with voting???lol
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    Sorry, couldn't do it...voted how I really felt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    Sorry, couldn't do it...voted how I really felt.
    I'm with you.

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    Couldn't help but notice the absence of the iPad 2 in that race. Guess they didn't want Apple to will all the categories.
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    xoom xoom!

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    voted for everyone except HP.
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    I want to support this vote, like I did all the other votes, for the past two years.

    But until we get some answers about what they are going to do for non-webos 2x compatible phones, no way I'm preaching anymore.

    And tell me whether I can remain a webos customer and still get a Pre3 on Sprint. And When?

    The sooner I get some answers HP, the sooner I will get back on the bandwagon, if you satisfy me. I am loyal, but you have pushed my loyalty to the limit. You better hope my launch day Pre lasts long enough for me to continue to patronize your company.
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    I, too, was forced to vote like I really felt.

    Can't wait until I get my TouchPad.

    That said, Motorola's FoleoPhone, err, Atrix is definitely going to win.

    (I was obviously just kidding when I called it a FoleoPhone, by the way - the Foleo worked wirelessly, of course, and didn't require anyone to actually dock their phone)
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    xoom xoom!

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