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    Of all the demos / videos of the TouchPad I have not seen one case where the user did a pinch to zoom of some other multi-touch function. I find this odd. Has anyone seen a video where they use the multi-touch gestures? Please prove me wrong
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    Maybe its not ready yet. Its called the touchpad it should be able to touch with more than one fingers, if not #FAIL
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    on one of the videos they typed something ending with an "?" and this was typed using shift + something on the same time... so multitouch is there
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    just check the HP pages - touchpad specs:

    Display 9.7-inch XGA capacitive, multitouch screen with a vibrant 18-bit color, 1024x768 resolution display
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    i agree with the op, yes there are no gestures, but i do recall an article about 2 finger swipes. hopefully those were not ready to be shown yet but will be ready for launch! hitting the home button all the time is just so unlike webOS i cant imagine they are totally happy with that solution
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    They did use the shift key on the keyboard so thats two touches. But what I'm saying is I did not see a single multi-touch gesture used. I'm aware the hardware is capable, if it wasn't I wouldn't want one so badly!

    Just an observation, didn't see any gestures used.

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