I remember being one of about 7 people out front of sprint june 6th 2009. Pace picked up as i was leaving. I am watching the webos keynote right now. I am impressed and excited about palm again!

I have always mentioned webos when talking smartphones to people who usually mention ios, android or ugh!, blackberry os.

Webos could potentially be a all encompassing OS. From smartphone to tablets, to pc's, in the car, in the home as in futuistic computer wired homes.

Imagine sharing pre3 w/ your cars webOS interface with built in touchstone dock.

Even syncing pre3/touchpad with tv, the simplicity of the ui with the complex os to carry the burden(so to speak)

I know im thinking of what ifs but my point is i see webOS as the tortuise android/ios is the hare. Webos has potential. Hell rimm's playbook jocked palms style sooo much. I was expecting an iphone/evo body type but i actually like how they chopped the pixi in half n added a slider is genius. The OG pre format is convenient.

I want palm/webos to succeed dont get me wrong i am typing on an ipad, have an iphone 3Gs and htc evo. And i like them, but webos is my fav.