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    What about another layer of screen that you could pull down/open or something. one is good for touch the other for stylus? Don't know if that is technically feasible...
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    The current HP Tablet PCs (including the Slate 500) have active digitizers that support touch and pen input. There have been a variety of discussions about this technology in these forums. Many of the new Android tablets will use active digitizers, including one from HTC:A closer look at the HTC Flyer's screen, stylus, and Scribe -- Engadget
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    New touch screen panel glass replacement with digitizer

    Touch Screen Glass Digitizer Replacement for Apple iPad -

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by NordicMan View Post
    Hey it's 2011, and I want it ALL!!!!!

    I want to use finger/fingertip/and stylus for input! Heck I want to multi-touch with TWO stylus's, or even THREE! Would it be too much to ask for some force-feedback?

    It's not my concern how hard it is for the geek inventors to make it happen, just make it happen SOON!
    technology exists to have stylus and finger input. The next time you want to be a jerk, make sure you have your facts right.
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    After loosing my stylus so many times from my Treos and PDA, I can say I am done with them.

    Maybe 3rd party vendor can make capacitive ones to be used on editing-types apps like photoshop.
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    capacitive stylus support would have made this device more than perfect for me. I'd do all my quick note taking at work on it, and never lose a thing...
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    I would LOVE to have a stylus in the touchpad
    if the iPad 2 has one i would go for it
    but it doesnt so i would stick to the touchpad
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    I too miss the fact that there will be no stylus. But my hopes are rather a bit higher, I want a stylus and handwriting support too.
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    pen&touch + webOS + 7"/8" pixelQi display = ultimate combo for me. But now I actually think about going for HTC Flyer :/
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    Stylus support would be all kinds of useful. Businesses that require signatures i.e. delivery companies, and any organization that requires receipts, would not think twice about buying the TP with this feature imo.

    Although, a good capacitive styli that can be held at an angle with a fine tip would be a workable alternative solution. HP make a good capacitive stylus!
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    A stylus for a capacitive screen needs to have a diameter of 3/4 cm and so is not suitable for "apps like Photoshop". What you need, and HP already does for laptops, is a dual input of a touchscreen and something like the WACOM digitiser for the more precise requirements such as drawing programs.
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    I agree it'd be useful as long as it includes an active digitizer, but without natural handwriting recognition and ports of top-of-the-line apps, it's not going to move any users over from their TabletPCs and it's not going to get many more users to purchase it.

    The ability to draw and annotate is all well and good, but recognizing what you annotate and making it searchable is the actual reason tablets are so great. The only group that has made products focused on it is Microsoft, and it took them over ten years of research to do a good job at it.

    But if HP were to do something like partner with Nuance and use their T9 Write software to build natural handwriting recognition in at the OS level (think, "Just Write"), as well as build a great notetaking/journaling application, then they would have a very compelling product that doesn't yet exist outside of TabletPCs.
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    I still use a Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet for taking notes today. I scribble things and make quick sketches that are vital to me. I don't see that functionality being replaced with a touchpad.

    Yes, my fujitsu is bulky by today's tablet standards (it is about 5 years old). But it works for me. Plus, it has a lot of xp apps on it and is semi-funcitonal as a PC when docked.

    That being said its screen is just awful indoors, it is a front-lit style whose main virtue is it is readable in direct sunlight. But it looks like someone hit a fluorescent light inside it above the screen.
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    I have to say I never had any problem using my fingers on my old Treo's screen. Even for the little check boxes, the screen responded very well to my finger taps.

    I've always wondered what the big deal was about capacitive screens. They seem a bit clunky to me.
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    resistive always seemed less accurate for a finger to me. I used a resistive touchscreen phone (HTC Touch Pro (aka Fuze) before the Pre, and it never seemed as responsive.

    Resistive involved pressure, so with a stylus the pressure is more accurate, but with a finger it wasn't. Using a fingernail could help though.

    I can definitely draw or sketch far better with a stylus than I ever could with a finger on either type of screen.

    Also, I know there are multi-touch resistive screens now... but I don't think they had this originally.
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    I haven't used a capacitive sylus before but to my knowledge they work just as well as regular pens. Why can't someone just buy a capacitive stylus and use it on the TouchPad?
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    One more thing to lose. Its nice to have it integrated into the body.... even on the resistive tablets i used I always secured a tether to be doubly sure. And yes, you could still tether and stick it on with velcro... just not as elegant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aapold View Post
    One more thing to lose. Its nice to have it integrated into the body.... even on the resistive tablets i used I always secured a tether to be doubly sure. And yes, you could still tether and stick it on with velcro... just not as elegant.
    Yes, if you have a stylus that is meant for the device it has to be able to be integrated with it. However, this is just a waist of space.
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    - John Wayne
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    I was doing a little personal research on devices with an active digitizer when I stumbled across this thread. Admittedly, the thread has been dead for a couple of weeks, but I found an interesting e-ink reader with an integrated Wacom digitizer. Nobody here mentioned it, so this thing probably went completely under the radar (it did for me) and I figured some of you might want to know about it.

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Eee- ASUS Eee Note EA800
    Student Review: ASUS Campus Rep reviews the Eee Note EA800 | ASUS CampusLife
    Student Review: student recommends the Eee Note EA800 | ASUS CampusLife

    Apparently, one of the recent updates improved the lag when writing and it's now instantaneous. I haven't seen any videos of it, but videos of earlier versions still look impressive. It even has Evernote sync support and allows annotating/highlighting of PDF's (I'm not sure about ebooks).

    It won't be released in the US (or, I suppose, in Europe) anymore (source: Eee Note), but it was released in Taiwan in November last year, where it's still being sold, and you can get it off Ebay for around $200-250 ($200 was always said to be the planned retail price). If you do decide to get it off Ebay, the device supports both English and Chinese menus, but it takes a small workaround (
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    There are some handwriting or drawing apps that you should have a capacitive stylus to use(not sure on webOS though). You can get one on Amazon(or eBay likely) if you need one. Best Buy sells the Targus ones.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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