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    This is something I have been thinking about since the idea of a webOS tablet started being talked about. I think that Palm/HP would be a perfect fit to have a slider keyboard for a tablet.

    The basic idea would be something like this - Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series hands-on preview (video) -- Engadget

    In my head though, it should be able to tilt both when its covering the keyboard and when its slid out to reveal the keyboard. That way, the tilt could act as a stand as well, even when you dont want to use the keyboard.

    But ultimately, it seems like, if Apple, and now HP are selling these wireless keyboards, and stands, and crap, that they recognize that people want to use a physical keyboard with these devices. So why not add the tiny bit of weight and thickness to incorporate one into the device. Looking at the iPad innards - there is a huge amount of unused space inside. Assuming the TouchPad is the same, it could easily accomodate the slider and keyboard with very minimal impact on size and weight.

    Anyway, wish they did it. Hope they do it in the future. And also, it should not be one or the other - they should have 2 models, one with the keyboard, and one normal slate as it is now.

    rant over.
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    That would be called netbook.

    Show some pics of wasted space in an iPad.
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    I guess you could call it a netbook if you want, but the form factor I am imagining does not exist on the market today. Plus the main point is that you can use it as a flat slate with a touchscreen and webOS

    The image from ifixit shows open space all around the edge of the inside of the iPad. Remember its just the iPhone internals plus a way bigger battery. I assume you couldnt shove a keyboard in the exact same body, but I dont think it would have to be twice as big either.
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    Thanks. That is allot of wasted space. Should have put HDMI and SD or something.
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    haha, but then where would be the fun in carrying around a 30pin-VGA and 30pin-SD/USB adapter?

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