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    Here is the Feb. 9, 2011 HP webOs Think Beyond Event. The full Youtube video is available here:

    Palm for life

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    ufffff 2 hours, jjajajaja

    thanks a lot
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    311 views as of 9:42PM ET.

    Kinda says it all...
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    Thanks for the link. I wore my navy blue blazer while watching. Very corporate. There is a lot of information that is very exciting in there, but anyone with ADD will not make it through. I think we've just grown up and gotten a serious job. Nothing wrong with that though. The connectivity, IMHO, is awesome and WebOS on every HP PC - that has to be a very good thing in the long run.
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    Watched it on my ps3, was nice to watch it from my couch.

    Anyone doubting the TouchPad needs to watch the demo and the explanations. You can skip over the end, the beginning, the Qualcomm guy, the Beats guy, Time guy...

    Really, there is a solid chunk of telling about the new devices by Ruby and the demo that is fascinating. I was hesitant after watching the Engadget videos of the demo, but after seeing this thing and what it can do... I'm blown away. The whole lag issue seems to be a non factor in the on stage demo, and the OS really flies.

    It will take some time, I'm sure, before we get any crazy info out there, but they obviously wanted to get the hype out. I can see them doing another one of these just before preorder (You can preorder a TouchPad, starting tomorrow...ala the VZW Pre2) to remind everyone of it, and, to show off the finished product as this thing obviously isn't complete, which we seemed to have learned from the Dev Event that ended a little while ago.

    I'll say I was hesitant before watching, after watching, I'm all in Palm... Just get me the Pre3 to Sprint!

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